I’ve always liked to be in control and did not enjoy waiting for anything, so our struggle with infertility was the perfect tool to teach me how to let go, wait well, and trust God in all circumstances. Through that struggle and several other periods of suffering, I have learned that there is always joy to be found amidst suffering.

I firmly believe that with God, nothing is impossible, and as a result that is where my hope is grounded. It’s a hope that I pray is never quenched or weakened. It’s a hope that gets me through the low points in life. It’s a hope that does not disappoint in the end because I know that God is causing all things to work out for the good of His glory and will.

If you are reading this and are struggling, don’t be shy about reaching out to me. I would love to have a chance to pray for you and offer encouragement. What started as my own therapy to help me process my emotions is now something that I hope will encourage you to never lose hope.

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