Why a Dandelion?

Like my husband, you may have been wondering, *ROCKY VOICE* “Hey yo, Christine, what’s with all the dandelions?” (Michael doesn’t talk like Rocky, but he does love those movies.)

Anyway, why a dandelion? Good question! Way back when I started my first blog related to infertility…you know, when everyone and their dog had a blog…no seriously, I had one for my dogs too…

I named my first blog Hope Does Not Disappoint because I was inspired by Romans 5, and I then I had to pick a background image for my blog. I thought of a dandelion because as a kid that was always a fun thing to see in my yard because we could pick it, make a wish, and then try to blow all the seeds off with one blow if you wanted your wish to come true. (I think really kids are just upset that they only get to blow out birthday candles once a year, so enter the dandelion, the practice before the real game.)

I have always associated the dandelion with the idea of wishing and hoping for something, which fits so well with how it feels to experience infertility. Every single month you wish and hope that maybe that will be the month that you conceive and then if it’s not, you start all over again on the next cycle.

I also love the image of a dandelion because – just like in life – you never know whether your wish will come true. You never know where those seeds will land, or whether they’ll survive and grow into a dandelion plant. And that’s very much like our walk with Christ.

We’re guaranteed to experience suffering, but the Bible encourages us to trust Christ every step of the way, even when there are unknowns and uncertainty, even when we have no idea whether our wishes and desires will come true.

We may never know whether seeds we plant will sprout and grow. But He is trustworthy, and whether we get the desires of our heart or not, He is always and only good, and placing our hope and trust in Him is never foolish and will not disappoint.

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